From Tacos to Slot Machines: A Visual Tour of Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino Photos

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino Photos
May 2, 2023

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino Photos is a restaurant and casino located in Texas. The photos of the establishment show its vibrant atmosphere, featuring colorful decor, bright lights, and plenty of TVs to watch sports games. There are several tables for dining as well as many slot machines and other gaming options available such as blackjack and roulette. The bar area has an impressive selection of beers on tap, spirits, wines, and cocktails.

The restaurant menu features Tex-Mex cuisine with specialties like fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, tacos, and burritos along with burgers, sandwiches, and salads. There is also a daily happy hour offering discounts on drinks which makes it popular among locals looking for a fun evening out.

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino is the perfect destination for a night out with friends! From delicious Mexican food to exciting casino games and entertainment, this establishment has something for everyone. The vibrant photos of their space capture the energy of the lively atmosphere and give you a glimpse into what your experience could be like if you visited.

Whether it’s an evening filled with drinks, dancing, or just casual conversation among friends; Ojos Locos has something to offer that will make your night unforgettable!

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino Photos


Who Owns Ojos Locos?

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina is a restaurant and sports bar chain founded in 2011 by Omar Khan, CEO of parent company GGG Partners. The first Ojos Locos opened its doors in 2012 at the corner of Northwest Highway and Skillman Street in Dallas, Texas. Since then the chain has grown to include multiple locations throughout Texas.

All locations feature a lively atmosphere with an extensive menu including Mexican-style dishes such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas as well as classic American favorites like burgers, wings, and sandwiches. Additionally, each location features more than thirty screens for watching all major sporting events along with beer specials and live music entertainment on weekends. With over ten years of success behind it, Ojos Loco Sports Cantina continues to be dedicated to delivering quality food and entertainment experiences for customers throughout Texas!

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino Photos

What Does Ojos Locos Mean?

Ojos Locos is a Spanish phrase that literally translates to “crazy eyes”. It’s an expression used to describe someone who is wild, unpredictable, and often out of control. Ojos Locos has been used in popular culture for decades now and can be found in movies, television shows, music videos, books, and more.

The term has become so widespread it even has its own restaurant chain! While the exact origin of Ojos Locos isn’t known for sure, some believe it originated from Mexico where it was used as an insult or warning about someone who had a wild temper. In recent years however, the phrase has taken on a much more positive connotation with many using it as a way to express admiration or respect towards somebody’s fearless attitude or bold actions.

So no matter how you use the phrase Ojos Locos – whether you’re trying to show your appreciation for someone special or just having fun with friends – you’re sure to get your point across!

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino Photos

When Did Ojos Locos Open in San Antonio?

Ojos Locos Sports Cantina in San Antonio opened its doors for the first time on April 3rd, 2020. The popular Mexican sports bar and restaurant are located near the intersection of US-281 and Loop 1604. This new addition to San Antonio’s entertainment scene has already become a favorite spot for locals who want an exciting atmosphere with delicious food and drinks.

Ojos Locos offers a wide selection of craft beers from Mexico as well as signature cocktails like their signature margarita made with house-infused tequila, fresh lime juice, and agave syrup. Their menu features traditional Mexican favorites like tacos al pastor, fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, and more so you can experience a true taste of Mexico right here in Texas!

Proposed Downey sports bar Ojos Locos faces strong opposition | ABC7


This blog post was a great opportunity to take a closer look at Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino. It is clear that this establishment provides an exciting and unique experience for its customers with its delicious food, vibrant atmosphere, and gaming options. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to host your next event or just want to have some fun with friends, Ojos Locos Sports Cantina Y Casino has something for everyone.

With their commitment to providing excellent customer service and entertainment, they ensure that each visit is unforgettable!

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